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The Bournville Candle Company Limited

Candle Care Duo

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A completely elegant gift for any candle lover and are the perfect addition to any home fragrance gift set.

A precise cut ensures a cleaner, safer candle burning experience, and a safe way to extinguish your candles and avoid any hot wax splattering! 

Our new candle wick trimmers are uniquely shaped to catch debris as they snip your wick and are ergonomically shaped to reach into seamlessly into all of our candle jars.  Snuffers offer a safe way to extinguishing flames and are corrosion-resistant, sturdy and long-lasting!

By regularly trimming your wicks and keeping them to 1cm in length, they will lengthen the life of your candles by controlling the burn for the best hot scent throw possible.

 Please note, candle not included!