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The Bournville Candle Company Limited

Velvet Rose and Oud Wax Melts

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Scent Description

This rich and sumptuous scent combines heart notes of opulent florals in Damask Rose, with undertones of woody and smoky Oud, enveloped in a spicy Clove.  We're loving this unique scent at BCC HQ, classic and moody in equal measures!

Wax Melt Overview

Our beautiful wax melts come in an array of shapes and sizes, your order will contain ~100g of them to enjoy.  All of our wax melts will help you to achieve a fabulous home fragrance, the more you burn into a scent pool in your burner the stronger the scent throw will become.

Each melting pool can last for at least 8 hours, just re-light your burner or pop them out once dry to add a new scent!

Wax: 100% Natural Soy Wax

Vegan, Eco-Friendly and Cruelty Free Product

Weight: ~100g per product

Please note, only the wax melts are included!